I'm making a commercial game!

Happy 2024! I've been making games since I was a child. For some time, being succesful looked like having a game on Desura, then being like the people from Indie Game: The Movie, or at least having a game released on Steam, voted by people on Greenlight.

The end of 2022 marks the point where I started taking it much more seriously, with the release of Torecower, made by Cauê with me on Softwool and huge design touches by me, as the creation of the leaderboard, skill-tree redesign (thanks for the help, Gabriel <3), maintaning the game and updating it still.

I started a lots of projects that "this time is for real", but for the first time I now have a new work of my own with a steam page, and it is Siege 'n Sow

Me on a devlog thumbnail

Siege 'n Sow is a minimalist real-time strategy game with survival mechanics. So far the game only has an endless mode where enemies attack you after each day plus a first boss. You have to gather resources, expand your territory and create units in order to defend yourself from these attacks. The progression so far looks good, despite the boss being quite easy while I thought it would be challenging.

I want to post a bit more here and I thought that no other subject could be more interesting than sharing my ""first"" commercial game entirely designed by me. So far it has 426 wishlists: more than I expected, less than I wanted. Since I thought the first month would bring me 100 and we have this result in less than a month, I won't complain much. If you haven't already, please definitely add the game to your wishlist!

Without surprising anyone, I'm making this game with Godot 4. The game arts are being made by my friend Hitsuji, capsule art by Nidhogg & a new logo is on the making while I write this. So I'm definitely not a "solo-dev" here.

Screenshot of the first tests of the first boss

Strategy games in general are my favorite since an early age when I went to LAN houses here in Brazil to play Warcraft 3, get to know Dota and played at home some games such as The Battle for Wesnoth. As well as some games that may not been designed to be strategic, like Ace of Spades (open source version known as Build & Shoot. This culminates in multiple prototypes I made for strategy games, mostly turn-based tactics or RTS. Since I enjoyed so much playing some of Sokpop ones I decided to give a try on something with a smaller scope, designed to be a "micro" RTS. In fact, you only control a single unit at a time.

Current planning on Trello

I'm pretty happy with what I got so far. Right now the game was sent for some playtesters to record a gameplay so I can elaborate more some of the next steps based on the results of it. I'm going to participate on a pretty eccentric MMO game jam this weekend so I'll have something else to think about as well. Hopefully I'll come back with some results to share.

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