twenty three

Published in 2021-12-13 (3 minute read)

Exactly one week ago was my birthday. One day later I resigned from my job. Also, this month my partner started her first job as an UI/UX Designer. Lots of exciting stuff!

Today is my first day returning to therapy, after ignoring for years the psychologist's recommendation to see a psychiatrist, I've been on desvenlafaxine for a little more than a month and I feel like if I already was another person. Today I also started reading How to win friends and influence people., which was suggested by my former manager.

As Charley Bradley sang, I'm going through changes.

I decided to get this end of year to focus on my mind and do whatever I want (inside my home, since pandemic) and give more attention to my five cats. I already know my next steps and where I'll be working on, but I like being able to not having to worry about next steps or doing interviews for other companies.

I'm so happy to see how much my partner grew and achieved her objective, I am also happy from the lots of things that I learned and how much I improved both in hard and soft-skills while in Gympass. Working on Yoga, which is an open-source design system was also one of the best work experiences I had on a project. But I'm excited to what is coming know. I already have some plans for my "vacations" (until Jan. 3rd)

What I've most been struggling of so far is when it comes to dealing with people daily and not feeling comfortable being who I am in front of others/my appearence, I hope a year from now those aren't problems to me.

And what I've been most proud of is how I advanced regarding talking to other people. Even it is far from what I want to achieve, I feel I am much better with this. I am not a people person and I doubt this will ever change, but this doesn't means I have to be a mean person.

I came back with my writing habit, I've migrated my old (digital) notes to and have been using it the last few months and have no regrets so far, I love this concept of a "second brain". In fact, this is being write inside Obsidian and I'm liking the experience.

Writing this also made me realize that I need to make this a proper blog ASAP. Maybe a good way to experiment Remix a bit?

I separated some photos that I sorted from oldest -> newest:

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My 23 birthday


Next gig's party where I felt comfortable to use some clothes I had for the first time